Business Marketing Consultant: Helping Your Business Succeed

1There are many responsibilities which are associated with owning and operating a small business. Although you wish to succeed and accomplish your dreams as soon as possible, you even have to maintain the highest integrity. If you wish to realize your objectives at the earliest, you will need to be equipped with some really clever strategies and few attention grabbing ideas. Enter your business marketing consultant. A business marketing consultant is a seasoned professional who would be able to handle the job and aid you to free yourself so that you would be able to concentrate on running your business. It is very hard nowadays to build a small business that is strong enough to endure today’s extremely competitive world and this task can be performed effectively by a highly trained and qualified individual like Your Best Next Step.

He or she would be able to save you a lot of money by implementing different strategies that are proven to be effective to increase profits. You will be able to set a foundation for higher annual returns by increasing customer quality and quantity.

Word Of Mouth: The Lost Strategy

You may be running around searching for new ingenious ways of marketing your brand. Before trying to reinvent the wheel, consider one strategy that has always worked – word of mouth. Word of mouth marketing isn’t just as straightforward as telling everyone you meet about your business, although for many that would be an excellent place to start. What you want to accomplish is to think prior to meeting somebody, what sort of connection might be valuable for your business. From there, you can think of where these people are who are part of your word of mouth marketing strategy and go to them with a strategy. It often starts by getting one satisfied customer, and builds from there.

Let me give you a clear example: Suppose you make your living by giving bowling instructions. You may spend a few hours of your Saturday and Sunday afternoons going around to various bowling alleys in the area and just spend time making connections. Take the time to develop a relationship with your potential clientele. It helps that you’re in a proper venue for the development of your goals, and thus you’re targeting the proper market. Back to the bowling instructor example, by talking to the owner of the pro-shop, the restaurant or bar manager, and perhaps a few laborers and janitors, you’ll have the favor of people who are standing around when a pro gets frustrated after a big miss. That well-kindled relationship is what will then inform the bowler about the coach they need. A recommendation coming from someone who works in the bowling alley rings a lot truer than a recommendation from a random person they meet online or a random Google search. Getting people with credibility to promote your business can be a huge advantage. When information spreads, the best value you can get from word of mouth advertisement is from the satisfied customer. Word travels fast online.

Also, giving due attention to previous customers and clients is crucial for maintaining excellent word of mouth coverage. Sometimes, that quick call to check in and see how everything has worked out will spur the client to think of a new need for which they could employ your services. Never underestimate the power of word of mouth communication.

Make Money on YouTube – Start with video sharing

Do you know that you can make money on YouTube? Yes it is possible by uploading or sharing your favourite videos in the social media websites. Sharing the videos with online users makes you able to enhance your income effectively. YouTube is considered as the best online sharing website used by the millions of people. To get starting with YouTube, it is very important to have complete knowledge about the YouTube features and then add your video in it. You should also know how to discover its content.

How to Make Money on YouTube with great ease

3If you wish to learn how to make money on YouTube, several easy steps online help you to find the answer of your question. It can be frustrated but if you keep serenity then you will sure get the positive results. If you perform all activities accurately then satisfaction for your work will be guaranteed with no reason of not getting money. YouTube is a world famous site in video sharing as compared to other related websites. If you able to manage and create a qualitative video then, there are more chances of the video to reach widely to the worldwide online users. If a person likes your video then he/she may share your video in Facebook and hence improve the number of viewers. The Facebook subscribers can take a look at your video and post comments. Remember to use the keywords in video title and description so that it can rank high in the search engines.

Easy steps to Make Money on YouTube

•          You can include YouTube videos on your sites or blogs which consider it as an ideal way to make money on YouTube. So, just logged in YouTube and get the code of video units or build a YouTube Video Player by customizing it with different categories and keywords.

•          By affiliating the ads on YouTube and running it further on your videos, you can make money from such ads.

•          You can set up new videos such as installing new software or how to download software. Such videos get more viewers as people searches the interne to download and install the wide range of software.

•          You can make exclusive videos for your products/services and promote them to the various social media sites through YouTube. It is performed to increase the sales of products/services and enhance ROI.

•          Make individual videos or you can also add video comments for the notable videos about your topic. To shoot a video you should use a high quality webcam to get perfect video.

Some principles you need to know for make money on YouTube

You need to know about some principles, methods, features, rules and conditions which you would get in order to begin a business. To start up your business on YouTube you have to understand about the video converters into different formats such as 3gp, mp4, flv, wmx, etc. Give your video a creative look in size and resolution and give some editing in it. You should know about video embedding and where to embed it in your website for getting massive results. If you are interested in make money on YouTube then, you should know facts of making your video in low budget or affordable budget. It ensures to bring you massive amount of new visitors on your site. Your site traffic will increase day-by-day according to the number of videos views. You can bring lot of attention to your website by adding little concentration in making a professional video. If you follow these steps then you can make money on YouTube with quiet higher amount as compared to your previous earning.

Small Business Marketing: – Enjoy Clear Direction & Peace of Mind

The return on investment for the engagement of Genoo for Small business marketing is based on the following;

Business Growth

• Increased sales and profit from effective strategy and campaign outcomes

Marketing Strategy

• The insight and direction provided by our strategic recommendations

• Provision of a documented strategic marketing plan which acts as the blue print for the successful marketing of your business

• Allowing you to proceed with confidence

• A planned and structured approach to marketing success

Campaign Outcomes 2

• Effective communication of your brand and offer

• Generate awareness in the market to achieve

• New customer acquisition

• A greater share of wallet from existing customers

• Increased sales and business growth


• Assess the viability of new products or services

• Develop and implement strategies for the introduction or relaunch of products and services to provide commercial success

Effective Brand Management

• Long term business growth through the ongoing and positive development of your brand in the marketplace

Effective Positioning

• Identifying the positioning strategy and building a strong market position to insulate against competition and the threat of new entrants

• Maintaining the desired position of your business in the market place


• Effective communication via regular meetings and easy to follow project plans to ensure you are kept informed and up to date on the progress of activities throughout the life of the program

Peace of Mind

• Experienced marketing professionals providing peace of mind that the marketing program is taken care of: you have one less thing to worry about

• MJH Group is transparent in our selection of clients to ensure no conflict of interest during engagements

• A marketing resource dedicated to the growth and development of your business.